Vidale Nordest has been operating in international shipping for over 50 years, in the beginning as a subsidiary of Armando Vidale Group and later as an independent company.

Over the past 10 years, thanks to the tenacity and foresight of the members and the professionalism of staff, Vidale Nordest has increased its presence in the Triveneto area, first establishing a branch in Udine and then opening the branch in Verona, thus strengthening and expanding its market share.

The aim of the Vidale Nordest is being the referee for shipping and logistics, even for those companies that want to have just one supplier for all destinations. Vidale Nordest offer a complete range of services, covering all European and world-wide destinations.

Our goal is customer satisfaction, by properly carrying out the shipments we are entrusted with, by giving high-level assistance and assuring the best support for any kind of needs.

Official Partner of
Città della Speranza